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X9 Full HD 2-CH Dash Camera

Industry leading dash cam and winner of
Red Dot design Award 2018

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Drive safer with a premium IROAD dash cam protecting your vehicle, here's how to find the best dash cam for you.

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IROAD is the world’s leading dash camera manufacturer with the highest number of car cameras sold world wide compared to any other global leading brands.

IROAD is well known for engineering highly reliable, high performing cameras that never disappoint. Their systems include components of the highest quality ensuring the cameras do not succumb to exposure of very hot temperatures. IROAD is now one of the leading dash camera manufacturers across the globe.

IROAD dash cams are manufactured in Korea and have appointed Connected Audio Visual PTY LTD as the Australian sole importer/distributor for the IROAD brand and have been appointed the role of ‘IROAD Australia’. Our vision is simple – to cater for the growing security and safety concerns of thousands of Australian drivers, by offering high performing, reliable driver recorder systems using state of the art dash cam technology.

At IROAD Australia we offer premium customer service and back up support for our Australian customers. When you purchase a premium product you can expect premium service from us at IROAD Australia. Our office is located in Kiama NSW and we have reseller stores located in every state across Australia.

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A dashboard camera is like CCTV for the motorist, here's how to find the best dash cam for you.

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Installing dash camera using a hardwiring kit is the most common installation method to power ON the dash camera when the vehicle is OFF, thus, providing parking-mode recording, especially for dash cameras that come with


There are different methods to install a dash camera in your vehicle. Here we’ll walk you through dash cam installation using a Cigarette Lighter Adapter (CLA) Method. You’ll need the Following Items: 12V Plug Power Cable Mounting Tape This


Well, if you are looking to purchase a brand new HD dash cam for your car, but aren’t sure where to begin or what to look for, then this easy buying guide will help you